Advanced Characterisation of Energy Materials 21 April 2021

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The Advanced Characterisation of Energy Materials 2021 was held on 21 April and was co-hosted by FutureCat and the Henry Royce Institute at the University of Sheffield.

The event was opened by Professor Pam Thomas of the Faraday Institution and successfully showcased Advanced Characterisation facilities and expertise, with an impressive line up of  speakers and panel members from both academia and industry and will continue to spark new collaborations as a result of the event.

Our Speakers included:

Dr Christine BockNational Research Council, Canada 

Professor Nigel Browning,  Director of the Albert Crewe Centre for Electron Microscopy at the University of Liverpool

Dr Siân Dutton, University of Cambridge, Reader in Physics and Solid State Chemistry at the Cavendish Laboratory, and a Research Theme leader on the FutureCat project.

Professor Beverley Inkson, Professor of Nanostructured Materials and Director of the Sheffield NanoLAB and a Research Theme Leader on the FutureCat project at the University of Sheffield

Professor Louis Piper, Professor of Electrochemical materials at University of Warwick

Our interactive and engaging panel discussion in the afternoon was chaired by Professor Serena Cussen,  FutureCat’s lead academic, and included the following panel members from both academia and industry.

Professor Andy Beale, Chief Scientific Officer at Finden, and Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at UCL, Gareth Hinds, Fellow and Science Area Leader in Electrochemistry at NPL,  Paolo Melgari, Principal Scientist, Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), Professor Andrea Russell, Professor of Physical Electrochemistry,  University of Southampton

Our Poster Prize winners gave us a great range of Flash presentations on the topic of Advanced Characterisation and included Dr Beth Johnston (FutureCat, University of Sheffield), Dr Jennifer Hack (UCL), Alice Merryweather (PhD Researcher, University of Cambridge), and Innes McClelland (PhD Researcher, University of Sheffield).

Our Poster prizes were sponsored by Bruker and Malvern Panalytical who ran capability sessions during the event featuring state of the art equipment which can be accessed via the Henry Royce Institute at the University of Sheffield. 

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