Consortium Intranet
Project Management

WP 1: Exploring innovative ways to structure and control cathode materials
  • Send any finalised structure for disordered rock salts through to DOS in WP2 (ARW)
  • Request quotations for global ball mill (ARW)
  • Purchase gold target (ARW)
  • Analysis of x-ray pdfs of rock salts (SB)
  • Advertise TUoS PDRA 2 MSE
  • Advertise TUoS PDRA 5 CBE
  • Send disordered rock salts to Nuria for pdf measurements (ARW)
WP 2: Modelling and predicting the structure-properties of functional cathode materials
  • Set up a GitHub page for FutureCat to brand .cif file contributions that are made open access (DOS)
  • Collect images of modelled structures for publicity and website (PDRA 5)
  • Interview for the post of UCL PDRA 5 (DOS)
  • Develop standard process of communication on Slack for peer-2-peer communication of crystallographic data from experimentalists to modellers (DOS/AJN/SB)
  • Advertise UCL PDRA 5 (DOS)
WP 3: Developing new chemistries to support deeper material investigation
  • Develop PDRA career plans
  • Training experimental PDRA
  • Hire PDRA 8, PDRA 4, PDRA 9
  • Send sulfur rich materials to WP1 for cycling
WP 4: Multiscale materials characterisation of working battery materials
WP 5: Scaling-up battery technologies for commercial manufacture
  • Advertise CAM PDRA 18 (MdV)
  • Contact Targray to access NMC 811 promised in LoS (SB/AJN/RB)
  • Interview TUoS PDRA 16 candidates
  • Advertise TUoS PDRA 16 (BJI/RB)

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