Faraday Undergraduate Summer Experience (FUSE) - 2022 - Welcome to our new students!

Welcome to our new FUSE 2022 students!

Ben Dawson – FutureCat Outreach Electric Car project (based at the University of Sheffield)

Ben Dawson, FUSE student

I am studying chemical physics at the University of Edinburgh. I have always wanted to work to contribute to a greener future, and the FUSE internship provides brilliant opportunity to do this. My project is aiming to build a resource to teach school kids about the importance of batteries and why we need to research them. As part of the resource I am building an electric car that shows the voltage output, current, and temperature of the battery in real time.

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Aiman Zaidi – Techno-Economic model with Exawatt (based at the University of Sheffield)

Aiman Zaidi

I am currently studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Sheffield. I was attracted to FUSE due to my interest in energy and the opportunity to explore battery technology to understand how the transport fleet can be electrified as we transition to more sustainable energy production methods. In the project, I will be focusing on LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) which is a cathode material that is increasing in demand due to its low cost and high performance. By looking at different manufacturing routes to make LFP, I hope to create an ASPEN model that can be used to conduct techno-economic analysis of the entire process.

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Arun Atwal – Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy  (based at University of Cambridge)

Arun Atwal, FUSE 2022 student

I am currently studying Physics at the University of Cambridge. This FUSE internship has offered me the chance to explore my interest in the highly applicable field of battery technology, as well as a great insight into the research methods that drive such an important sector. My project involves setting up and automating an Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy system under various temperatures and atmospheric conditions, specifically with regard to analysing thin film cathode materials. Through this, I aim to enable a more useful method of assessing the properties of future battery materials.

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Kenan Gnonhoue Dokonon – X-ray diffraction computed-tomography working with Finden Ltd and University of Sheffield (based at University of Sheffield)

Kenan Gnonhoue Dokonon, FUSE 2022 student

I am currently studying Materials Science and Engineering at Imperial  College London.  I was attracted to this FUSE internship as it offered me the possibility to combine my passion for batteries, diffraction and data analysis. During this project I will be working on the data-processing/analysis pipeline of X-ray diffraction computed-tomography data obtained from different cathode materials. More specifically, I will try to use the insight obtained from the analysis to better understand the effect of doping on the structure of cathodes.

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