Faraday Undergraduate Summer Experience (FUSE) - 2023

Welcome to our FUSE 2023 students

Abby Eddie – working with Finden Ltd and the University of Sheffield

Abby Eddie, FutureCat FUSE 2023 student

Abby Eddie, FutureCat FUSE 2023

I am currently studying Chemistry at the University of Birmingham. I was attracted to the FUSE internship as I wanted to explore my interest in computational chemistry and data analysis and develop my experience within the battery field. In my project, I will be applying Finden’s advanced novel analysis methods for segmenting and analysis of X-ray diffraction computed tomography (XRD-CT) data acquired on FutureCat’s novel cathode materials.

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Art Cleary, working with Warwick Manufacturing Group at the University of Warwick.

Art Cleary, FutureCat FUSE2023, working with WMG

Art Cleary, FutureCat FUSE2023

I am currently studying at the University of Sheffield. I was attracted to the FUSE internship as the content seemed both fun and interesting. In addition to this the internship would give me experience working within the scientific community. During the internship I will be investigating the structural changes of LiNiO2 as a function of the voltage and the extent of delithiation. I will be doing a lot of data analysis for the experiments and so will help create a model for how the structure of LiNiO2 changes and as a result determine its effectiveness as a cathode for a battery.

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Clarice Doyle, working within Materials Science Engineering department at the University of Sheffield

Clarice Doyle, FutureCat FUSE 2023

Clarice Doyle, FutureCat FUSE 2023

I am studying Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Sheffield. My initial attraction to battery research and the FUSE projects has stemmed from both wanting to contribute to the movement towards sustainable energy and finding these similar modules in my course to be some of the most interesting. The project I will be working on specifically is to do with collecting more data on the making and testing of full-cell lithium-ion coin cell batteries. This should help offer a larger data set on full-cells that hasn’t been tested as much as half-cell alternatives.

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Anastasia Kryachkova – working at the University of Cambridge.

Anastasia Kryachkova, FutureCat - FUSE 2023

FutureCat FUSE 2023

I am currently studying Chemistry with Molecular Physics at Imperial College London. I chose to apply for the internship because it combines my interest in both: Computational Chemistry and Maths. In addition, I am very excited to contribute to the work the Faraday Institution is doing toward a more sustainable future and work alongside world-leading scientists! During my internship, I will be working on creating and simulating semi-empirical mathematical models for Lithium-ion batteries.

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