Our Industry Fellowship project with Exawatt


FutureCat and Exawatt

Dr Sam Booth, Dr Usama Mohamed, Dr Alisyn Nedoma, Simon Price and Ed Rackley meet in the FutureCat laboratory at the University of Sheffield. Image by Timm Cleasby Photography

The Faraday Institution has launched an Industrial Fellowship focussed on modelling the scale up and technoeconomics of cathode manufacturing plants in the UK.

Principal investigator, Dr Alisyn Nedoma, and her co-investigators, Dr Sam Booth, Exawatt Analyst Dr Ed Rackley and Exawatt CEO Simon Price welcome Faraday Institution Industrial Fellow Dr Usama Mohamed to the project. This project aims to develop a strategic investment roadmap for the UK to reach our target of 8 gigafactories by 2040.

Combining the forecasting expertise of Exawatt with process modelling capabilities at the University of Sheffield, this project takes places within the FutureCat consortium.

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