Careers and opportunities with FutureCat

4 Faraday researchers in the lab A role with FutureCat means that you’ll be joining a multidisciplinary consortium across 7 universities and industry partners, working together in researching the next generation of cathodes in batteries.

As part of a Faraday Institution funded project, you’ll have the opportunity for networking across the UK battery research community, as well as professional training and development during your time on the project.

For more details on the FutureCat project please see About Us

Take a look at the Faraday Institution video celebrating the successes of the first Faraday PhD cohort.

PhD opportunities (affiliated)

Both closing 31 August 2023

Project title: Next-generation earth-abundant cathodes for sodium-ion batteries based on Na2Fe2F7 weberite

You’ll be working with the research group at University of Sheffield with Prof Serena Cussen and Prof Eddie Cussen. 

Project title: Sustainable microwave manufacturing of battery cathode materials

Working with Prof Serena Cussen, Dr Kyra Sedansk-Campbell and the SuMMa team, in collaboration with University of Nottingham and Cardiff University, you’ll be based at the University of Sheffield and with the Cussen research group. (The project is funded via the SuMMa project, not the Faraday Institution)

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