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The Hunt for New Batteries

Professor Serena Corr gave an engaging talk for the Royal Institution on the 22nd October 2020 on 'The Hunt for New Batteries'
Dr Gabriel Perez

Looking at Atomic Structures in Materials for Next Generation Batteries

Dr Gabriel Perez, a FutureCat Researcher at the Science Technology Facilities Council, gives an informative tour of the Neutron and Muon Facilities.

Sheffield leads bid to develop next generation of electric car batteries

An £11m grant from the Faraday Institution, an independent research body named after the Londoner who invented the electric motor, will be used to try to extend the range of

FutureCat battery research project

Professor Serena Corr tells us about her 'FutureCat' research project funded by the Faraday Institution. It will deliver next generation cathodes for Lithium-ion batteries.

FutureCat plugs into next generation of lithium-ion batteries

A multidisciplinary team of researchers is setting out to develop the next generation of lithium-ion batteries. The result is expected to be batteries with a longer lifespan and greater energy

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