Resources for schools and home learning (Secondary school and beyond)

Our Secondary School resource is primarily recommended for KS4 as it includes an underlying knowledge of the GCSE curriculum , however it can adapted to both younger and older age groups.

We have two versions of the battery card game, one is suitable for small groups and/or home learning and the other is adapted for classroom use.

This resource will cover:

  • The structure of a chemical cell
  • Redox reactions occurring in chemical cells
  • Aspects of the Life Cycle Assessment: mining and recycling of materials
  • Jobs and opportunities linked to the battery sector, this is part of the Gatsby benchmark for good career guidance:
  • Information on a range of materials covered in the GCSE specification.  

Curriculum subjects covered: Science (Chemistry and Physics), PSHE.

Instructions – Printing the Build a Battery card game 

For printing, the 9 pages per sheet of a page should be selected. The person printing can decide on colour or greyscale, but the 9 per page is important for the order.  The printing files provides both the front and the back of the cards.

Our secondary school resources were developed in 2021 by our FutureCat Faraday Summer Undergraduate Experience (FUSE) student, Catie Kohler.

The FUSE programme is funded by the Faraday Institution.

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