Events & Talks 2023


17th November 2023 – Prof Serena Cussen  attended National Engineering Policy Centre (NEPC) Material project’s Critical Material Resource Efficiency roundtable

21 October 2023 – Prof Serena Cussen  gave invited talk on Clean Energy Storage – for Secondary school teachers at ChemEd-Ireland conference

9th October 2023 – Dr Se Hun Joo presented science poster at Poster at Lennard-Jones Centre Showcase Day

28 September 2023  – Prof Louis Piper  gave keynote talk at Inorganic-Electrochemistry Seminar  at CalTech, Pasadena CA

25th September 2023 – Prof Louis Piper gave keynote talk on Crystals to Cells: A Pilot Line Study of Single Crystal Ni-rich NMC //Graphite Pouch Cells at Clean Energy Forum, La Jolla, CA.

13th September 2023 – FutureCat team ran outreach Exhibition stand at Faraday Institution Conference – for schools

11th September – Industry Flash talk given on Chemical imaging by Dr Stephen Price, Industry Fellow with Finden and University of Sheffield at the Faraday Institution Annual Conference 2023

11-13th September – Dr Misbah Mumtaz (Sheffield), Ryan Emmett (Sheffield), Dr Se Hun Joo (Cambridge), Muhammad Ans (Warwick), Narayan Simrit Kaur (Sheffield), Hannah Lynn (Imperial College London), Sarah McKinney (Imperial College London), Dr Ashok Menon (Warwick), Chirag Patel (Sheffield), Dr Debasis Nayak (Cambridge), Dr Stephen Price (Finden Ltd), Dr Kumar Raju (Cambridge) presented posters at Faraday Institution Annual Conference 2023.

Poster Prizes were awarded at Faraday Institution Conference 2023 to Sarah McKinney (Imperial College London) and Dr Stephen Price (Finden Ltd)

4th September – Dr Se Hun Joo (Cambridge) attended Inaugural Lennard-Jones Centre meeting in September 2023.

17th July 2023 – Prof Serena Cussen presented talk at UK Colloids symposium – international colloids and interface science symposium

19th June 2023 – Sarah McKinney (PhD, Imperial College London) presented research poster at LiBD conference in Arcachon, France.

11-15 June 2023 – Dr Nicola Kelly (Oxford) gave oral presentation at 21st International Symposium on Intercalation Chemistry, Nancy, FRANCE. Title: “Soft chemistry of layered titanium and vanadium oxytellurides”

8 May 2023 – Prof Serena Cussen gave a talk on ‘Sustainability in transport: from the Mary Rose to electric vehicles’ at seminar at University College Dublin.

3 May 2023 – Prof Louis Piper  gave keynote at STFC Early Career Research Conference 2023 – Look, no hands! Synchrotron-free operando X-ray studies of pilot-line-built Li-ion batteries for long-duration cycling

2 May 2023 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) – invited talk on ‘From Synthesis to Energy Storage’ by Prof Serena Cussen,

Plus Podcast on Clean Energy featuring Prof Bill David FRS(STFC & Oxford University) and Prof Serena Cussen, (13 min listen)

26th April 2023 – Prof Louis Piper gave keynote talk at Collaborative Network for X-ray Spectroscopy; April 2023

17 April 2023 – Prof Serena Cussen  presented on Fine-tuning Synthesis of Energy Storage Materials: Insights from Advanced Characterization at NSG Future Perspectives meeting at the IOP

11 April 2023 – Prof Serena Cussen presented on Direct Observation of Dynamic Lithium Diffusion Behaviour in Nickel-Rich Cathodes Using Operando Muon Spectroscopy at Materials Research Society, Boston.

26 November 2023 – Narayan Simrit Kaur (Katja Kress) presented on How does synthesis influence the particle morphology and the relationship between the cation mixing/structure and their physical, magnetic and electrochemical properties.

3 April 2023 – Dr Misbah Mumtaz (Sheffield) presented a poster titled ‘Electrochemical performance of Nb doped lithium nickel oxides’ at the RSC Conference at University of Sheffield.

6th February 2023 – Liam Nagle-Cocco (PhD, Cambridge) gave talk at Physical Crystallography Winter Meeting


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