Fully Funded Faraday Undergraduate Summer Experience (FUSE) 2023

FUSE (Faraday Undergraduate Summer Experience) – FutureCat 2023 Opportunities

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Here are our exciting FUSE opportunities for 2023! 

Finden – Chemical Imaging of Batteries – closed for applications

Supervisors: Dr Steve Price (Finden Industry Fellow) and Dr Innes McClelland (Project Leader, FutureCat).

University: University of Sheffield & Finden Ltd

In Brief: We are seeking a highly motivated student to work with us in applying and benchmarking our novel methods (e.g. chemical segmentation algorithms, machine learning networks) to identifying and fitting experimental X-ray diffraction experimental data acquired on commercial Li ion batteries, and to apply these to the study of FutureCat’s novel cathode materials.

Location: Remote

Further details and how to apply:fuse-2023-finden

University of Sheffield – Li+ ion battery coin cell optimisation- closed for applications

Supervisors: Dr Innes McClelland (Project Leader, FutureCat)

University: University of Sheffield

In Brief: We are seeking a highly motivated student to aid in the optimization and understanding of graphite anode preparation and full cell assembly to provide knowledge of more reliable material characterization across the consortium. This project will involve preparation of graphite anodes in the laboratory, followed by hands on experience of coin cell assembly and analysis of electrochemical data.

Location: In person, University of Sheffield

Further details and how to apply: fuse-2023-li-battery-coin-cell-optimisation 

Warwick Manufacturing Group – Chrystallographic & spectroscopic studies of highly delithiated LixNiO2 cathodes – closed for applications

Supervisors: Dr Ashok S. Menon & Prof Louis Piper

University: University of Warwick – Warwick Manufacturing Group

In Brief: This internship utilizes the novel X-ray diffraction (XRD) and absorption spectroscopy (XAS) facilities at the Uni. Of Warwick to systematically investigate the bulk structural changes in LiNiO2 as a function of voltage and extent of delithiation. The primary tasks of the intern will involve (1) Sample preparation: Coin cell building and cycling of FutureCat-synthesised LiNiO2 cathodes and, (2) Characterisation: Post-mortem X-ray diffraction and absorption spectroscopy measurements on the cycled cathodes. They will also actively participate in the electrochemical and X-ray data analysis to develop accurate structure models of delithiated LiNiO2 phases.

Location: In person, University of Warwick

Further details and how to apply:fuse-2023-wmg-futurecat

Imperial College London – Synthetic design and optimization of Co-free cathode materials with gradient composition for lithium-ion batteries – closed for applications  

Supervisors: Dr Li Zhang, Dr Nuria Tapia Ruiz

University: Imperial College London, Chemistry Department

In Brief: . In this project, the study will synthesise and characterise new materials with core-shell structures, focusing on Ni-rich compositions at the bulk and Mn-rich compositions at the surface to maximise the structural and electrochemical properties of these materials.

Further details and how to applyfuse-2023-advert-imperial-college-london

Further information – Imperial College London

University of Cambridge – Development of mathematical models and python/MATLAB simulation codes for thin-film based li-ion batteries – closed for applications

Supervisor: Dr Debasis Nayak

University: Cambridge University

In Brief: The project aims to take existing mathematical models available in literature and further develop semi-empirical based models with available experimental data. Then further develop these empirical models to python/MATLAB-based codes. These models would be related to both conventionally coated and thin-film coated electrodes. These developed codes would help optimize the performance of conventionally coated and thin-film coated all-solid-state batteries.

Location: in-person, Cambridge

Further details and how to apply: University of Cambridge FUSE opportunities page

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