Fully Funded Faraday Undergraduate Summer Experience (FUSE) Internship positions 2021

Applications for FutureCat 2021 FUSE positions are now closed.

There may be FUSE opportunities still available with other Faraday Institution projects on the Faraday website. 

A role with FutureCat means that you’ll be joining a multidisciplinary consortium across 5 universities and industry partners, working together in researching the next generation of cathodes in batteries.

As part of a Faraday Institution funded project, you’ll have the opportunity for networking across the UK battery research community, as well as professional training and development during your time on the project.

For more details on the FutureCat project please see About Us

Fully Funded Faraday Undergraduate Summer Experience (FUSE) Internship
FutureCat have 3 FUSE exciting internships that we would like to seek candidates for.

  1. FutureCat STEM outreach – Are you interested in communicating battery science to schools? 
  2. A Techno-Economic Analysis of Polyanion vs Oxide Cathode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries
  3. Faraday Training Videos (based in the Sheffield FutureCat Laboratory)

Here are some answers to FAQ’s. Further information about the projects and what each involves are in the project adverts, which are linked at the bottom of the page.

Am I eligible?

In order to partake in the project you must be:  

  • A full-time registered undergraduate student at a UK university  
  • Undertake the internship within the years of undergraduate study (i.e. not be currently in your final year)

What will I get paid?

A salary of £9.30/hour across the UK or £10.75/hour in London will be provided. This will be determined by the working address of the appointee not the universities location. The internship is a full-time role for 8 weeks beginning in early June.  The funding is provided by The Faraday Institution.

What are the other benefits ?

During the term of the project, you’ll also be able to attend Faraday Masterclasses, and FUSE cohort events focusing on a variety of topics to further develop your understanding of career opportunities in battery research. At the end of the programme, you’ll be invited to participate in a Faraday Institution event to share a poster on your work with UK battery researchers and industry partners. Prizes will be awarded.

When does the project start and end? 

The proposed start date is 1st June with a potential end date mid-August, but there is a little flexibility and the exact dates can be agreed with your supervisory team.

How do I apply?

Each project advert below has a QR code/weblink which will lead you to the application form. Please submit the application form by Tuesday 4th May.

We will then shortlist and invite a selection of candidates for a very informal  virtual interview with the supervising team.

Project Adverts/Role descriptions

  1. fuse-summer-studentship-advert-for-futurecat-stem-outreach
  2. fuse-summer-studentship-advert-for-futurecat-tea-project
  3. fuse-summer-studentship-advert-for-futurecat-faraday-training-videos

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