Dr Misbah MumtazFaraday Institution Research Fellow

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    Misbah completed her M.Phil. in 2006 from the University of Quadi-i-Azam, Islamabad
    (Pakistan). Her main topic of PhD research was synthesis and characterisation of lithium iron
    titanate compositions as conductive material for electrochemical devices, completed in
    2015. Misbah was awarded a IRSIP grant to fund a 3 year stay at the University of St.
    Andrews during her PhD under the supervision of Prof. John T. S. Irvine. Misbah then went
    on to take up a Post Doc position at the Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied
    Sciences Nilore Islamabad where she was promoted to Assistant Professor. During her stay
    her focus of research was synthesis of (LiCoO 2 ) with cerium and lanthanum doping. In 2019
    Misbah took up a Post Doc position at the University of Warwick before taking up a
    Research Fellow position at the WMG where she worked on a JLR funded project. Presently
    she is working on a FutureCat project, finding new cathodes for lithium-ion batteries.
    Misbah enjoys cooking, walking and reading books.

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