Narayan Simrit KaurPhD Researcher

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Narayan Simrit Kaur obtained her B.Eng. in Materials Engineering at TH Nuremberg in
2013 while working as a research assistant at the Fraunhofer Institute
ZKLM in power electronics. After a few years in industry working as a
materials tester of metals in the automotive sector and as a
scientific assistant determining the mechanical and chemical behaviour
of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastics in the aerospace sector, she
gained her M.Sc. in Materials Science in 2021. She spent her final
year in solid state chemistry, synthesising new rare-earth doped
structures for luminescent materials.  Her Ph.D. focuses on the
particle morphology control in Ni-rich layered oxides as cathode
materials for Li-ion batteries. Narayan’s free time is spent creatively as
well, with cooking, miniature painting or mosaic making to complement
the work-life balance achieved by yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.
Her biggest love are her cats.

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