Events & Talks 2022


31st October 2022 – Dr Laura Wheatcroft on organising committee of Faraday Institution Early Career Researchers conference

14th September 2022 – Dr Venkat Daramalla presented on “Composition and Depth Profile of Light Elements of Epitaxial Thin Films by Ion Beam Analysis for Advanced Li-ion Battery Technologies” at UK Ion Beam Centre, University of Surrey

5th July 2022 – Royal Society of Chemistry Summer Party – Exhibition from FutureCat on outreach materials – Dr Abby Haworth, Dr Li Zhang, Chirag Patel, Muhammad Ans, Katja Kress

1st July 2022 – ‘Understanding the Local Structure of Protective Alumina Coatings for Cathodes and the Coating-Cathode Interface’ – Talk and poster at Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance by Dr Abby Haworth 

14th July 2022 – Poster at RSC North West Electrochemistry conference in Liverpool – Sarah McKinney

9th June 2022 – 8th Core-to-core seminar – Dr Viktoria Falkowski presented on Mixed Anion Research for Energy Conversion

29th May 2022 – ECS 241st meeting – Beth Murdock presented

16th May 2022 – ISIS-ILL Crystallography Winter Meeting 2022 (delayed to May) – invited speaker – Dr Gabriel Perez

8th May 2022 – MRS Spring Meeting – presentation by Dr Viktoria Falkowski

18th March 2022 – Royal Institution – ‘For your inspiration – powering our sustainable future’ – FutureCat exhibition stand featuring outreach interactive activities with Dr Laura Wheatcroft, Chirag Patel, Sarah McKinney, Beth Murdock, Seb Altus (Solbat project), Calum Clenahan (Degradation Project) and Elinor Noble 

10th March 2022 UKIERI SPARC webinar – Prof Judith Driscoll

1st March 2022 – Schools Climate Education Schools Conference – online session for schools presented by Dr Alisyn Nedoma, Dr Abby Haworth, and Elinor Noble with contributions from Dr Beth Johnston, , Dr Kirstie McCombie, Dr Usama Mohamed, Heather Grievson, Chirag Patel, Katja Kress , and other researchers.

18th February 2022 – Faraday Battery Day – Online webinar presented by Dr Beth Johnston, Dr Bonan Zhu, Dr Kirstie McCombie, and Dr Gabriel Perez with contribution from Dr Alex Squires and Mrs Elinor Noble

14th February 2022 – Royal Society Meeting with South Korea for Early Career Researchers – Prof Serena Cussen

1st February 2022 – US-UK Battery Technology Research and Innovation Summit, Day 2,  Prof Serena Cussen invited speaker on ‘Next generation cathodes for Li-ion batteries’

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