Events & Talks


10th November 2020 – CAM-IES Monthly Webinars – Dr Bonan Zhu on ‘Revealing interface structures between fluorite and perovskite materials’

3rd November 2020 – PCG-SCMP Winter Meeting 2020 – Dr Harry Geddes on ‘Non-negative matrix factorisation: an unexploited tool for characterising complex materials’

30th October 2020 – University of Arizona MateriAIZ Seminar – Prof Serena Corr on ‘ Designing Synthetic Strategies and In Situ Monitoring for Next-generation Battery Materials

22nd October 2020 – Royal Institution Lecture – Prof Serena Corr on ‘ The Hunt for New Batteries’

20th October 2020 – FutureCat Virtual All Hands Meeting – Talks by: Prof Serena Corr, Dr Alisyn Nedoma & Dr Sam Booth, Dr Ziheng Lu, Dr Beth Johnston, Dr Viktoria Falkowski, Dr Joe Stallard & Dr Laura Wheatcroft.  Guest speaker: Mr Simon Price, Exawatt

13th August 2020 – Royal Society of Chemistry SSCG Webinars 2020 – Dr Beth Johnston on ‘High nickel content layered oxide cathodes for Li-ion batteries’

15th July 2020 – Faraday Institution Masterclass – Prof Serena Corr on ‘Synthesis Methodologies and operando characterisation of battery materials’

24th June 2020 – Faraday Institution Masterclass – Dr John Griffin on ‘NMR Crystallography in Energy Materials Research’

3rd February 2020 –  iWish Inspiring Women in STEM, Royal Dublin Society – Prof Serena Corr on ‘Energy storage for a sustainable future’


9th December 2019 – Chemistry in Action, University of Salford – Prof Serena Corr on ‘Energy storage for a sustainable future’

1st December 2019 –  Materials Research Society (Fall Meeting, Boston) – Dr Beth Johnston on ‘Doped high nickel content layered oxides for high energy density electrodes’

1st September 2019 – Euromat (Stockholm) – Dr Beth Johnston on ‘Microwave assisted synthesis of high nickel content layered oxides’

12 March 2019 – Royal Institution Lecture – Prof Serena Corr on ‘The Battery Inside Out’

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